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Maritime Services: Commercial Skipper, Windfarm support, Surveying and more, across North Wales and North-West England

The Maritime Services division at DSL provides you with access to professional, experienced and knowledgeable commercial skippers.

The fully insured services offered by the maritime division can help you!

Working with industrial and commercial companies, providing services across the marine spectrum including Dredging, Wind Farm support & logistics and Tug Skippering. If you have need of help with a maritime or marine problem in North Wales or across the North-West of England then request a call back or keep reading for more information.

Commercial Skipper

Our Commercial Skippers are available to take charge of your boat or vessel, providing you with an experienced and professional services to ensure your boat delivers the service you require.

All our Skippers are certified and maintain the relevant level of training and health assessments.

If you would like to know more about hiring one of our Commercial Skippers call XXXXXXX or request a call back here.

To find out more about the Commercial Skipper Service read this!

Wind Farm

Wind farm support comes in many different forms, maybe you have equipment or personnel needing transport to the wind farm. Maybe you need a support vessel to stay in the area safely, ready to approach a windmill at a moment’s notice.

Our windfarm support team are available to help solve your needs.

Visit our Wind Farm page or request a call back here.


Do you manage a passage or shipping lane that needs maintaining, worried about boats or ships not being able to pass?

Our dredging support team can help, with plenty of experience dredging passages, harbours and shipping lanes our experts are available to dredge for you.

For more information see our Dredging page or call 01352 715 996


Our Maritime Surveying team love to be on the water, especially when they are carrying out detailed surveys for our clients.

Experience and knowledge for you to hire, providing you with the charts and answers you need.

To check availability, request a call back here or for more information view our Maritime Surveying page

Tug Skipper

Do you need an experienced fully insured Tug Skipper?

Our Tug Skippers have been operating Tugs for our clients for years, Towing and controlling many different Ships and floating vessels, that require support when moving alongside or through tight channels.

The Tug Skippers page has more information or you can call 01352 715 996.