Firewood by Davis Land and Sea

Fresh Quality Firewood

Here at DLS we stock quality pre-cut firewood. Our wood is fresh and therefore not dried.

We stock many different types of wood, if there is a particular type of wood you want give us a call on 01352 715 996 or email

Due to the popular nature of the wood we sell and a large group of regular customers our stock is constantly changing, we would always recommend getting back in touch at a later date if we don’t currently have the type of wood you want in stock.

Different woods have different effects from aromas to heat intensity.

If you are looking to add a nice fragrance to the room you are burning firewood in, then we recommend one of our fruity selections, apple and cherry give off a lovely scent, something a little stronger then Oak has a nice strong earthy smell.


Tree Surgery by Davis Land and Sea

Don’t forget, a pile of wood strategically placed in a room or outside will have a scent. Again, for softer more subtle smells fruit tree firewood is often appreciated, whereas for the stronger and more earthy aromas then Oak can be a winner.

Who could leave out pine a truly distinct aroma, I’m sure reminds most people of Christmas. Pine firewood maybe for the connoisseur, however for those that like variety it really can be a winner.

If you want to know more about firewood and fires here are two links we think you will find useful: