Domestic Pesticide & Vegetation Control


Vegetation Control – Get rid of persistent, aggressive weeds and unwanted vegetation in North Wales and North-West England

Are you struggling to maintain control of your garden or outside space? Are weeds ruining your enjoyment of your garden or making your house and its surroundings look unsightly?

DLS vegetation control experts are available to help you take control back.

Through controlled use of pesticides and other chemicals we are able to help you rid yourself and your garden of unwanted weeds and other vegetation.

Garden Vegetation Control

When working in your garden to remove unwanted vegetation or reduce excessive plant growth we always take extreme care to protect your lawn and other wanted plant life.

We take all things into consideration and work to high safety standards to protect those that use the garden, leaving instructions as well for ongoing safety based on any work we carry out.


Near Farmland, woodland or other wild areas

If your property is near a wild area or area where natural growth is allowed, even encouraged you may find weeds or other unwanted plant life is growing and returning frequently.

Our team of experts are used to working in such areas and will make use of latest techniques and technologies to ensure you receive the best possible service. This in turn will allow you to enjoy your garden, without worrying about having to remove weeds and unwanted plant life.

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Outside Spaces

If the outside of your property is under attack by weeds and other plant life in areas that should be clear such as driveways or patios, we can clear them for you.

Outside spaces around the side of houses, driveways and patios can be a troublesome area for you to clear yourself, you may not know what chemical to use or you may not know the risks of using chemicals to children or animals.


Ask our experts for advice or to resolve the problem for you.

One-time visits or regular clearings are available. Request a call back now or call us.