Domestic Curb Appeal

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Add Curb Appeal to your home, freshen up the look and become the envy of your neighbours

Are you looking to add curb appeal to your property?

DLS have experts available to design a new landscape, freshen up the look or add that something extra to your property, enhancing the curb appeal.

Landscape designed to bring out the best in your property

DLS have expertise, knowledge and qualifications in how to best bring out the character and existing beauty in your property, through modern landscape design. It doesn’t matter if your property is new or old, modern or a character property we can add curb appeal in harmony with the existing characteristics.

Lightly freshen up the curb appeal

If you are looking for a lighter touch to bring out the existing elements of your property we can still help. Our designers can highlight the features of your home. We have worked on all types of gardens and outdoor spaces, over a number of years bringing the existing features to life through the use of plants, trees and bushes.

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Tidy up, for enhanced curb appeal

Our maintenance and gardening team can help bring your property to the fore. By mowing, pruning, shaping and trimming the existing grass, trees and bushes with an eye for the overall package and the effect it will have on your home.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you to find out where you want to highlight, what works currently and what you want to change.


For Sale

If you are looking to sell your house, does your curb appeal say the right things to prospective buyers?

Either ones that are passing in the street or looking at pictures online.

Our designers, landscapers and maintenance specialists can help you to attract viewers to your house and add interest by working on your curb appeal. An enhanced curb appeal could make the difference in selling, maybe even selling quickly and not selling at all.

If you want to know more about how we can add curb appeal to your house book a call back now